Connecting Video and Audio

For the best video chat experience :

  • Use the latest Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers (other browsers may fail to support video chat).
  • Make sure any other app or website which uses your camera is closed e.g. Zoom, MS Teams, etc.
  • Avoid VPN connections where possible as they may add their own restrictions or prevent the video chat.

When joining the room

  • You will be prompted to connect your video and audio
  • This will be slightly different depending on your device or browser - see below for examples
  • Choose "Allow" to be able to use the video chat

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge


Apple Safari

To enable if you previously blocked access

  • Locate the lock or camera icon in the address bar and click it for options
  • Allow access to the camera and microphone
  • Reload the page after updating the settings


  • This may initially be muted - click the icon to un-mute

Apple iPhone and iPad

  • Ensure that you have enabled access to your device camera and microphone for the Safari browser app
  • Use Settings > Safari > Camera / Microphone to adjust access