Why The Awards Room?


Unlimited Attendees

The Awards Room offers unlimited capacity meaning that organisations can invite as many guests as they wish from anywhere in the world. This results in higher attendance, more networking opportunities and maximum returns for you, your guests and your sponsors.

User Activity Data

We track every activity and user interaction from the initial registration process through to guest attendance at the event. You’ll be able to identify behaviours and interests by seeing which areas of the room your guests interact with. From engaging with sponsor profiles to connecting with other guests, the Awards Room can track it all.

User Profiles

One of the most requested items from an event is the all-important guest list! The Awards Room allows all guests to set up their own profile in advance so when everyone is in the room, all guests and sponsors can easily see who’s there and click to view their profiles in real-time.

Room Networking / Direct Communication

The Awards Room provides unprecedented networking opportunities. Guests have the ability to either text chat or video chat amongst themselves at their own table, to the entire room and privately to anyone else in the room that they choose to connect with. The ability to see who is available and when, allows targeted and direct communications and networking throughout the event.

Table Assignment

There are different types of tables in the Awards Room for VIPS, Sponsors and Guests. Anyone with your company email domain can join your table and with no limits on capacity, this can include your global team! Tables are clearly identifiable in the room with company branding, making it easy to find who you want to connect with. Finding nominees is simple with a special icon appearing on their table.

Branding Visibility

One of the greatest features of the Awards Room is the ability for sponsor branding to be visible at premium touchpoints across the room. Guests can interact with sponsor brands and link directly to their web and social platforms via their profiles. With sponsor visibility being positioned front and centre throughout the room, it’s never been easier to connect.


Our goal is for the Awards Room to complement live, in person events and to allow a virtual event to be streamed alongside a live awards ceremony. Ultimately, this will provide long-term benefits that will attract guests from around the world and therefore maximise attendance, returns and networking capabilities to a greater degree than ever before.